Mobile Beats Ensemble

The Mobile Beats Ensemble was founded in 2016 by the members of the International Ensemble Modern Akademie 2015/2016. The experience during the academic year, working in various ambitious projects, ranging from improvised music, chamber opera, dancing productions and convencional concert formats, has been a tremendous boost to the MBE.

Rather than having a single fixed home base, the MBE works become a nomadic group of musicians that comes together for every single project. This organizational structure as well as the unique diverse cultural background, involving members from 11 nationalities, has become one of the most valuable aspects of the Ensemble. The diverse experiences from their members result in a multitude of input and a richness of ideas that characterize the productions as intense and meaningful concerts.

Working with staging, lighting, space and costume the MBE reimagine, remix, and recreate sound worlds, creating a radical concert experience that engage all the senses of the performer and listener alike. By collaborating with artists from other disciplines the MBE brings a hybrid of contemporary masterpieces and new, avant-garde works from great international personalities to young emerging composers.