Musician's Auditory Perspective Project

The purpose of the Musician’s Auditory Perception (MAP) project is to collect qualitative data via sonic ethnography in order to promote and analyze, both literally and metaphorically, (a) sonic collaboration between auditory learners, (b) modes of sound information gathering, and (c) the creative expression of musicians, while disrupting common pedagogic methods that reinforce hierarchical education practices. Auditory learning is not necessarily a linear process, but a dynamic one — a skillset synergistic and deeply connected with creation. Therefore, MAP will enable three student composer-performer duos from two Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration (ACTOR) partner institutions, UC San Diego (UCSD) and McGill University (McGill), to document their creation processes with binaural recording devices and first-person vision — captured by earpiece microphones and wearable HD cameras — effectively mapping audiovisual boundary objects. The outcome being that these sonic and visual boundary objects promote skill sharing between all participants by bridging differences in perception during the creation and reproduction of musical timbres, allowing a digital transfer of tacit knowledge via an individual perspective in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

"A strong project [that] focuses on experimental composition and improvisation" while highlighting "interesting relations between musicology analysis and creative processes among musicians, composers and a wide range of media technologies."

Stephen McAdams

A collaborative proposal — the Musician's Auditory Perception project — developed and promoted by Berk Schneider, Dr. Florian Grond, and Dr. Shahrokh Yadegari (PI) has been awarded a generous research-creation grant from the Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration Institution. The international project involves four UC San Diego Music doctoral students, Peter Ko (D.M.A. cello, U.S.A.), Berk Schneider (D.M.A. trombone, U.S.A.), Sang Song (Ph.D. composition, Korean-born), Tiange Zhou (Ph.D. composition, Chinese-born) and two McGill graduates, Jeanne Côté (M.M. violin, Canada), Pedram Diba (M.M. composition, Iranian-American).

Côté, Jeanne, is a violinist based in Montreal. She is a founding member of Quatuor Andara, a string quartet well renowned in Canada. The ensemble was in residence for the Concert in the 21st century program at Banff Centre last February and for the Developing career program at the Ottawa Chamberfest.

Diba, Pedram ( is an Iranian-American composer and conductor currently residing in Athens, Georgia, United States. His professional history includes awards such as first-prize winner at the Frost International Composition Competition.

Dr. Grond, Florian ( is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar with a special interest in the intersections of sound art, disability and participatory design. He developed in collaboration with Dr. Piet Devos the concept of sonic boundary objects as an ethnographic form of inquiry and qualitative data collection.

Ko, Peter (, cello, has performed in projects across the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. His collaborations with other renown musical artists include, Mark Fewer, the Dover String Quartet, Steve Schick, Aleck Karis, and Duo Concertante.

Schneider, Berk (, trombone, is an avid contemporary musician. He has performed with Schauspiel Frankfurt, Ensemble Zeitfuss, and Ensemble Modern in the Cresc Biennale Frankfurt, Klangspuren Festival Schwaz, the Kurt Weill Festival, Playsonic Festival, Hessischer Rundfunk radio broadcasts, and other international projects.

Song, Sang is a Korean-born composer whose principal teachers include Roger Reynolds, Jason Eckardt and Fabien Levy. Sang’s music has been performed by Argento Chamber Ensemble (USA), Ensemble Mise-En (USA), Ensemble Musikfabrik (Germany), Ensemble Platypus (Austria), and Ensemble Reconsil (Austria), among others.

Zhou, Tiange ( is a Chinese-born composer, photographer, designer, and improvisational dancer. She is interested in interactive audiovisual art and other integrated art forms. Her music has been performed by the Mivos Quartet, I.C.E., S.E.M. Ensemble, Phillip Glass Ensemble, and more.

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