Broken Calligraphy

Broken Calligraphy is an improvisatory audiovisual duo featuring live electroacoustic with audio signal processed trombone as well as a projected live graphic composition using elements of Persian calligraphy. Berk Schneider ( performs the trombone and electronics in this collaboration, while Nasim Khorassani ( creates the visuals.

There is no hierarchical form in this collaborative work, which means the score can also follow or react to the performance, providing an inclusive creative space. Thus, we are sculpting a new live performance space that necessitates the active engagement and the presence of both creators (composer and performer).

In order to make this possible, Nasim projects live black and white digital drawings using the Tayasui Sketches app on a laptop, utilizing Persian alphabets as graphic elements to create dynamic scores. Therefore, an otherwise conventionally static score becomes kinetic and can interact with the performer’s sounds in real-time.

Berk Schneider uses Ableton Live to create soundscapes that experiment with ambient eco-logical musicking. He processes binaural and ambisonic recordings of different acoustic spaces (e.g., caves, ocean, cityscape, jungle) worldwide (Brazil, Iceland, USA, and Mexico) and mixes them with Dear VR and resonators. The result is a unique sonic backdrop complimenting Nasim’s visual improvisation.